I’ve been busy putting together a bit of whimsy for your Friday—birdhouses! And I am going to actually resist using ANY “tweet” puns. Honestly. LOL

In the Whimsical Sketching Class I’ve shared how to do some basic drawing with a pen and paper – nothing fancy, just get busy drawing some simple things! These birdhouses fall right within that wheelhouse, so if this looks fun and do-able to you – that might be the next class you’ll be interested in! Sign up HERE.

Birdhouses are SO forgiving to draw. Just the fronts, don’t stress over perspective. And get tons of shape and material ideas from Google searches on things like homemade birdhouses – people are VERY creative!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

Since I used a paper board that can handle light watercolor washes, and an ink that is waterproof, I watercolored the original! After photographing it in black and white of course! Interested in owning the original? Be the first to go get it here.

Cards made from The Collection

I created the Whimsical Birdhouse Printable Collection and printed some out for me to color in Copics; while I had some pretty little birds already colored tand trimmed out, it was easy to pop a few on. Note that I cut off the bottoms of them to make them “look” tucked in, or like they’re perched with a tail hanging below a post.

Don’t want to draw your own? Get mine!

For just $5 you can download the full page image as well as 4 A2 cards and 4 slimline. Print them and have all the coloring fun you want while you practice making your own birdhouses! Get it here.

Prints are available at Society6.



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