Have you ever wanted to draw on your kicks? (That’s your shoes.)

About a year ago, today’s project was birthed, but didn’t happen til today; I had visited Old School Shoes in Santa Cruz, CA, and on a whim I asked if they had any “orphan” shoes. Like a leftover single shoe no one had thrown out, but couldn’t sell because there’s only one. They sent me home with a pair that just needed laundered – and thus today, I finally get to share my new kicks!

Tutorial: How to draw on your kicks in alcohol marker

I’ll be using alcohol markers; if you want to use paint, then google for the right kind, I did see there are lots of recommendations out there, but I didn’t feel like buying something new for my shoes.

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Sunflower shoes

This was my first pair; I discovered just how soft the color blends, which is great except for detail, you have to add black pen. Use something waterproof so your shoes won’t run in the rain.

Also – do the color work first. The sharpie did bleed a little when I added color atop it. It’s possible giving it more time to dry would help, but test it to be sure.

Galaxy shoes

This design worked great for the soft blends! Lots of pretty colors make them a rainbow! You can create all kinds of gorgeous blends whether making it a sky or not – do rainbows, soft flowers, whatever you like! For the stars I used acrylic white, in hopes it’s permanent.

My doodled kicks

I’m so excited – I never once owned a pair of hightops! Glad I at least snuck that in under the wire before a full six decades passed. LOL. I used one of my favorite doodles as inspiration for the lines, and colors had to include the trim color on the shows – reds and blues (which I translated as a blue violet). And added my signature yellow.


I wore my shoes for dogwalks a time or two, but just last night I wore them to an art festival/wine tasting. It was a swankier community so wearing the PF Flyers stood out among the nicer-dressed crowd. One guy ran up to me and asked if those are “real” PF Flyers? And could I run and jump farther and faster now? It was kinda hilarious – but I felt VERY cool wearing my new kicks!

What would you draw on shoes?

If you try it I’d love to see what you make! Tag me on social or email what you create….by the way kids can do this too, it’d make them so proud to wear shoes to school that they made!


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    Awesome!! I love what you did!!

  2. creatingincolors

    Love, love, love !!! Wearable art by Sandy – a whole new thing !!! It’s got to feel fun and fabulous wearing them.

  3. Gab

    So so so super cool!!!
    Loved that old ad too – being in Australia I hadn’t heard of these shoes before

  4. Nancy Bassett

    These are fabulous! Thank you so much for all you give. May GOD bless you. Nancy

  5. Kellie Gonzales

    Perfect timing! Bought all of my granddaughters white converse high tops to doodle/color on. We just watched this video together and they are over the top excited. It never occurred to me to use alcohol markers. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous cool kicks!

  6. Karen

    This totally made my day! Well done, Sandy! May God bless you for your generosity in sharing your art and tutorials.

  7. Karen Zemko

    I have actually painted leather shoes with oils. However, there must be some prep involved and the painting is rubbing off. Two suggestions – if you thin the acrylic paint with water it will flick off the toothbrush better. Or, even better, use a fabric medium to thin the paint. Makes it even more permanent. I have a shirt I painted with acrylics over 10 years ago that still looks brand new. I will have to try canvas shoes. Yours are just out of this world! TFS

  8. June from Minnesota

    CHICK-A-BOOM! Those are super groovy, boom, boom!
    You may have found a new business for yourself on Etsy!
    These would be the perfect Christmas gift for my sister-in-law….maybe I will try it 🙂

  9. Patricia Izsak

    Beautiful. Great idea!

    • Noreen

      Absolutely love!!!! You’ve done a great job-again! Kick up those heels in your new kickers!!!

  10. Barb

    Soooooooooo COOL Sandy!!!!

  11. Rani Macias

    WOWZA!!! Your skills know no bounds! These shoes are beautiful. I have a friend who paints shoes as well; I don’t believe she’s heard about you. She will now! Thanks for sharing your lovely creations.


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