I know many of you have HEAT in June…at my house my furnace still comes on in the morning! I wish summer would get here, but in the meantime, here’s some wintry inspiration for those who need to cool off a bit!

New class

This came about because of the new Colored Pencil Winter Wonderland class – when I got out my Gamsol I noticed it was below 1/4 full! While that’s plenty for a few drawings, I always panic when things start looking low…and I started looking around at other colored pencil artist sites to see what solvents they like – and picked out a few to try.

And now…the Video

Spoiler alert: Gamsol was not immediately surpassed by any of these in performance, especially not by price.

Watch the video below or click to watch it on YouTube.

And now…SNOWMEN!

Sketch out a bunch of snowballs – stacking 2 seemed to be cuter than 3 to me, as well as easier. Color up the blobs with blue – I started with dry blending from powder first, then added the solutions to each snowman.

Make hats and scarves for them! Different styles, materials, textures. Have fun! And don’t forget to use the leftover pigment on the brush to make the fluffy pompoms on hats.

Then add mittens – and give them things to hold! How cute are they with their art supplies?


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