Happy Memorial Day! I have a double blessing to share today….not only showing how to color white with Copics on a sweet patriotic card for the holiday, but a new release from Purple Onion Designs, drawn by the awesome Stacey Yacula! The image is called Bursting with Pride – how perfect, right?

When I saw this stamp I just had to color it ASAP. So darling! Just look at those happy little bears! In the video today, you’ll learn about how to color white with Copics as you see the progressive difference made by darker and darker colors. Though I know that can scare some, it’s worth the effort if you can be brave and give it a try!


Watch the video below, or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube!

This same technique with progressively darker colors is something you can try with any colored bear, too!

My little glitter technique is just one of many you can find for sealing in glitter. I do this not only for OWH cards – but even beyond that. I remember once I put glitter on a card for my Mom, and when we discussed glitter once, she specifically mentioned that card….and I realized one of my creations made a mess for her! So though the shimmer is awesome, sealing it in to keep the mess to a minimum is also a big bonus!

Sandy Allnock how to Color White with Copics


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