Are you ready? It’s time for another Human Rainbow post! #thehumanrainbow is a little initiative I’ve attempted to help us all step out to try different ethnicities in our coloring (it hasn’t really taken hold, so help me out here! go golor some skin!)

Copic Coloring Skintones

For an exercise like#thehumanrainbow, this stamp is PERFECT. As are a lot of the Art Impressions people stamps! They’re drawn in such a way that you can really make ANY of them ANY ethnicity. Just fluff up some hair or emphasize one feature or another, and you’ve got YOU and your mixed group of lady friends on a card! Check out the video then scroll down for some free downloads, ok?

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Are you ready for a bunch of freebies? Scroll down, girlfriends!

Sandy Allnock - Flaunt It 2

FREEBIE #1: Square Easel Card

I worked out the measurements for the square easel card….you’re welcome!

square easel card measurements

FREEBIE #2: Skin Coloring chart


For CHA this year, I demo’d this stamp coloring, and provided a PDF to the customers who came by to visit. And guess what? YOU get the free pdf too! Download HERE.

FREEBIE #3: Shading maps!

Oh my heck yes! Go ahead and download them HERE. In the PDF, there are hyperlinks if you want to go see what the image looks like before it’s scribbled on!

shadingmaps AI


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