It’s the start of a holiday weekend in my country….though with so many states closing back down because of the rampant virus spread and fireworks canceled so people will stay home, I’m not sure just how much of a celebration it’ll be! So I’m making my OWN party right here!

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Watch the video below or click to view on YouTube.

For Hummingbird Delight I looked up hummingbirds on Google and followed the colors in one of the photos. I’d love to see ones that you make so be sure to tag me so I can see which bird you picked! The no-line ink in the background did a great job of making a subtle background that lets the bird shine through.

Hey Florida! I know you love your Tickled Pink Flamingo birds, and this one is the easier one to color of the three due to the simplicity of the bird’s structure itself.

Hope Sings Peacock – wearing a monacle! ha! Oh the thoughts I had while coloring it. Is that a handle or a chain drawn in the stamp? How is it held in place? Is the bird holding it on with feather pressure around the glass? Or does this bird have opposable thumbs to hold onto a handle!? A girl needs to know!


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