Today’s skintone tutorial is a tribute, following a weekend of funerals for the souls lost in the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. The sadness over this tragic loss is so deep, yet it has been such a blessing to see the love and forgiveness expressed by those who would understandably have been so angry; I’m inspired by their reaction, and I hope many more are as well. We can all use a little more unity!

Photo from National Geographic – read the story here.

Coloring ethnic skintones in Copic marker

I’ve been wishing I could do something to change things – and realized that I do have a tiny bully-pulpit that I can use…not to lecture, but to encourage! In our crafty world, I can continue to share diversity in coloring…and ask others to join me. If we can help to change something as small as the colors we choose to use on cards – maybe we can have our own little impact on the world around us! Read more about my hashtag campaign later in this post.


Today’s skintone video is also in answer to many requests….I’m glad to know lots of folks actually do want to learn how to bring some diversity into their coloring. When I bought the Photo Bomb stamp set a while ago, I knew it was going to be perfect for a post like this. I also finally wanted to do a magic acetate /magic reveal card…they were popular years ago and I had never made one back then, so I finally got around to it! 

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

View on YouTube

If you’d like to print up your own blank sheet for reference….feel free to download them! I put together a group of helpful reference and xolorable charts HERE. If you need other charts – there are some freebie swatch charts on my teaching site, along with hex charts for Copics and pencils:

All color charts

So let’s see if we can start a mini-revolotion and begin including more ethnicities in our coloring of stamped images!

Playlist with lots of ethnic skintones

Edited to add: I’ve been adding to my playlist of colorings of skintones and hair in several mediums – check it out on YouTube here (the latest in the playlist is below, just click the next arrow at the end to go through them all!)

Hope you’ll consider adding to #thehumanrainbow!


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