In today’s video I’ll show you how to Color a Sweet Shop Scene with MFT’s new set – most is colored in neutrals, and I added lots of little reds and pinks for POP!

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I’m using Prismacolor Pencils – but you can do this kind of a card with another brand where you have warm and cool greys – most sets do. Watch the video, then see a few more tips written out below!

View on YouTube.


I wanted enough room to make a scene so stamped this on a 5″ x 5″ piece of Stonehenge.

  • Establish the darks, midtones, and lights on the important part of your image – for me, it was the mice.
  • Determine the light source – the window in the middle of the picture casts light on both mice, but in opposite directions.
  • Create a graphic shape for a counter behind the stamped image, allowing the “negative coloring” to establish the bright whites of the table.
  • The forward side of the table should be in mediums and darks – but can be warm compared to the cabinet colors.
  • Fill in the wall with grey, and add curtains.
  • Add a pop of colors on the table – don’t get too crazy, the pops of red are pretty sweet on their own!


I trimmed down my panel so it would fit on a card inside a 5×5 envelope since that’s what I have in my stash. I get my envelopes at Heinrich.

I kept the sentiment really simple – stamped it onto a pink that is the same as the layer under the colored panel, and layered THAT with the dark pink of the card base.


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