It’s day one of my Holiday Scene Week series for 2019! The onslaught of Christmas videos is en route, and I try to get a few out there at the start to get you rolling on your coloring for the year; I know it feels early as it’s not even November, but to give you time to decide on stamps to use and get them, ship them, make cards, color, send them out – the time is a-tickin’!


Watch the video below or click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

Colors used…

The dimensional snow looks pretty realistic – just make sure it’s thick enough not to splooge around, and not wet enough to curdle your cardstock.

The twine here is an old one by May Arts…I had to glue it down as its slippery, and the ends don’t stay together, so I wouldn’t recommend it, but – I have a spool I’m determined to use up this winter. LOL!

Bonus IGTV

Go see a second cart with this stamp set on IGTV!


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