Welcome to a VERY exciting day for me…I’m finally releasing my “baby” into the world: my Hex Color Chart for Copic Markers,  I designed to show the visual color relationship between the markers. I’m celebrating with a Video Hop and invited a few friends to join in the fun and show you some ways they’ll be using their charts.

NOTE: Copic has not added any colors since 2012, so the chart has not changed in all this time.

Hex Color Chart for Copic Markers

For years, I’ve wanted to have a chart that shows me how colors compare to each other. In the downloadable charts that have been in use for so long, the numerical order kept the light tints separated from each other so they aren’t easily comparable. Same with the darks, etc. So I began the odyssey of creating a chart organized by visual color relationships instead. In the video below, I talk about what it took to get it here…please give it a like and help justify the many hours of labor to get this puppy done!

View on YouTube

When purchasing the Hex Chart Bundle, you’ll receive a link in your receipt to download the zip file right away. There are two pdfs inside, one is blank, to print in black and white on your Copic-friendly paper.

The other is in color, but remember, it won’t be particularly accurate for color. But it’ll be enough to give you an idea what some of the colors are that you’re missing. You can always re-watch the video above or any of these in the video hop as well, since the color on that looks fairly good; just pause the video when it shows the color section you want to view.

There are also hex charts you can buy for a few Colored Pencils too – and a bunch of free swatch charts and more over on this page.

Please know the hex chart isn’t a way to become a bazillionaire – but it does help to keep a roof over my head with all of us kicking in just a few dollars for a super helpful chart! If you don’t want to pay for one, by all means goo to Sharon’s blog for free charts – the rectangular one- and two-page charts, and lots more resources.

Copic Classes online

If you’re interested in learning more about coloring with Copic Markers – the Copic Jumpstart class is an excellent place to start! And if you’re looking for next steps check out all the Copic classes I teach. I can’t wait to see you grow!

Video hop list!

I’m so humbled and overwhelmed that my friends decided to join me for this exciting moment. Please do me the honor of visiting them, and leaving them some love on their blogs and videos!

Debby Hughes, Lime Doodle 

Elaine Hughes, Marker Geek 

Jennifer McGuire, Jennifer McGuire Ink

Julie Ebersole, Paper Trufflez 

Kathy Racoosin, The Daily Marker 

Kristina Werner, KWerner Design

Laura Bassen, Doublestick Heaven 

May Flaum, Craft with May 


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