Who knew there was a holiday all about sending mail – and that I was EARLY to celebrate it!? Last weekend I spent exorbitant hours making cards and writing them out – and I got 100 done! I procrastinated at the putting-stamps-on and going-to-the-post-office, but….I finally got everything dropped in the box yesterday! It felt so good to know there will be 100 people going to their mailbox and not finding ONLY bills. YAY!


But that’s led me to realizing WE MUST CELEBRATE THIS HOLIDAY. I don’t know about you but my mailbox is not at all full of happy mail. Wahhh! It’s bills bills bills. So let’s do something to get mail OUT to each other. 

And to that end….I decided on a whim I’d do a two day sale on classes – in case you’re in need of some inspiration to get going on making cards to mail out! If you’re reading this blog post you’re likely going to get an email later this morning with the sale info too. There’s also a sale on the Gratitude Junk Journaling class I’m part of in November so I’m including that too:

Two day sale at art-classes!

Let’s have a 2-day sale Oct 9-10 – use coupon code POST at checkout for 25% off adult classes that are not already on sale. Learn something, make something, and mail it to someone!
One use per customer, not to be combined with other sales or codes. Sale ends at 11:59pm Pacific time on October 10th, 2022.

Gratitude Junk Journal class codes


So tell me…

When was the last time you sent out a just-because card? And

When WILL you send out another?


  1. Cynthia Koop

    I send out many cards per month but usually for a reason like a birthday or a holiday. I try to send out Thinking of You cards but I do not always have the time. I think I will start making some when I make all the other cards I send out. I do send my daughter many cards that I guess I could call thinking of you cards.

  2. Linda S.

    I mailed out four cards this past Friday. One birthday card and three just because cards. I like making cards but I love mailing them. Mostly the cards go unacknowledged (and that’s okay) but every once in a while someone tells me the card I sent turned around a bad day.

  3. Gab

    You are so generous to do this Sandy – and you made so many people’s days!!
    I think I need to do it too

  4. Lisa

    I send out cards when things get a little overwhelming. Going through bouts of depression after losing my German Shepherd to old age, the only thing getting me out of bed was to do something I could focus on. Getting the cards made and mail gave me a feeling of being productive.

  5. Bunny Hoyle

    Yikes! I’m in the same crowd of not sending a Thinking of You card.

  6. Terry Blanchard

    What a great idea! I can’t remember sending a a thinking of you card just for the fun of it!

    I’m going to do it

  7. Karen Zemko

    I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember the last time I sent out a “thinking of you” card. I’m lucky if I get birthday cards out on time! So I’m gonna challenge myself to do that once a month.


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