If you knew me in real life you’d know what a sucker I am for it – I have to be careful not to keep it in the house, or I’ll be a snacking fool!

However….the Witch Way is the Candy set is back and it’s CALORIE FREE! It was a 2014 set, and was so beloved that it’s back – with all new sentiment fonts. I love the newer style, so I’m glad I hadn’t snagged this set back in the day even though I drooled at the idea of coloring this sweet little witch! Check out the video below.

The masking was pretty simple here; First I stamped the witch and kitty; masked those out, then the froggie (making sure his eyeballs peeked out past her hat), then after masking his feet, I added the pumpkin. Sometimes I like a good “tight” group of images, and if we try to put them all on the ground next to each other, the image gets kinda wide.

I’ve kept the coloring pretty straightforward – a good shadow from her big hat and another from her cape, a decent cast shadow behind her – and the rest can all be faked!

For finishing touches, I used the new dies to give a beautiful stitched edge to the panel, popped it on dimensional adhesive, then stamped the sentiment on a scrap of white cardstock. It’s also popped up, and the end is wound around behind the colored panel.


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