I thought I had one thing I wanted to teach in this video with Trinity’s new Holiday Hangout stamp set – then my eye caught a glimpse of a pencil sitting on my desk – what would happen if I tried that for the shadows??


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

I recall one of my painting teachers getting really frustrated when students kept stopping her to ask which brush, which color, how much water – there was such a panic when people were afraid to do something wrong. Her answer: “Use what works.” Which size brush you use doesn’t matter if it works. Well, I had my pencil out, and can usually trust it to get a job done…so I turned to what works!

The gnome on the left is facing the light – shadows on the left.

Gnome on the right is facing left but the shadows are also on the left. The shadows are on the face and beard, and highlights are on the back of his head!


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