Since it’s Inktober as I’m writing this….it’s maybe time to address how easy pen and ink drawing can be! The project today doesn’t require any fancy drawing skills or equipment – just a pen (even a ballpoint or sharpie!) that you already have, and a piece of paper!

Note: winners are listed later in this post; no one claimed their prizes in a week or more so….new winners were selected!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YT.

The 9 (36!) techniques chart

From 8 basic techniques, applied in four ways each, I have a chart full of great ideas for textures for drawings. I use these basic 9/variations of them, on a lot of my drawings, so they’re tried and true loves.

You can pin the graphic or download it along with a blank practice sheet from my teaching site by clicking HERE.

I turned my drawing into a slimline Christmas card, but you can also make it a frame-able size and give it as a Christmas gift – how nice would that be?

Sample drawings

Can you see different techniques used in these sketches?

Bible journaling video – with download

This one has coffee cups (a free download) and more usage of various techniques in the chart. Watch below or click HERE to see it on YT.


I may give up on giveaways based on folks commenting….out of three winners last week nobody stepped forward 🙁 So let’s pick new folks and try again:

CONGRATULATIONS to winners of the flat rate envelopes of stamps in the World Cardmaking Day giveaway – please email me your address from my contact form and I’ll get it out to you; I have a killer week ahead so it might take me time to get to the PO.

  1. Annalisa Young
  2. Mary Prasad

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner who selected to win a free seat in the Gratitude Junk Journal class! Email me and I’ll get you hooked up with Tiare for the class registration.

  • Kathleen Oylear


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