Okay am I the only one who loved the “Pigs in Space” segments on the Muppet Show?

Bonus points if you watched more than one of those silly segments, ha!

CCC Sale continues

The sale that’s just for my followers is still on today! It ends tonight at midnight Pacific so get your shopping in today. The special coupon code just you – Buy Two Get One Free using coupon code B2G1SA at checkout at Colorado Craft Company!


In case you missed it, CCC is giving away both of the stamp sets I used yesterday and today…PLUS a seat in the Galactic Watercolor class!! Go see the details!

The pig!

Okay let’s move on to my guinea pig in space! This little dude is so epic – looking out at the galaxy around him, having just painted his planet yellow. He’s so proud! On my Instagram later this morning, I’ll have a short video showing how I made his sweet little helmet – if you’re going to start sending all your stamps to outer space, this might be helpful info. LOL.

The guinea pigs have a mouse tagging along with them – I had originally thought they were painting the galaxy but maybe that turned into northern lights? I did add some silhouette grasses just to add an element for scale….they’re tiny guys.

And last but not least….CHEESE PLANETS! hahaha! Also on Tuesday on Instagram I posted a Tiny Tutorial with tips on making craters.

I turned them into cards by just trimming, adding a layer of gold, and a sentiment!


In each of my last-posts-of-the-weeks-theme, I include a look back…because I know no one but me looks at my social tutorials daily, ha! So if you see something here and want to see the reel, tap on the picture to go see the short tutorials.

That’s about it for today…just wanted to remind you of the sale in case you’d not gotten to use the B2G1SA coupon code yet. It expires at midnight! :0) BIG THANKS to Amy at CCC for sharing that with us all!

Have an awesome weekend – see you next week…..it’ll be SHARK WEEK! Woohoo!