For those anxiously awaiting the reveal: the characters floating in the hot air balloon in my last video…were bears! There’s a 2 day sale on at CCC —two sales piled on top of each other actually!—for just my subscribers – so it’s your lucky day! Scroll on down for more info on that.

These two bears flew across to a new galaxy looking for another planet for us – and it looks like they found one! These cute stamped bears from Colorado Craft Company – Stargazers – were just perfect for this, so I had to paint them in the new galaxy they located for us!


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

The bears were stamped at an angle so they’re pointing the way I wanted….and I masked off the bottom so it could fall into the shadows…and the ground wouldn’t look crooked.

Here’s another version with the whole bear stamp including the grass – and a brown bear pair. They still have a wild view but are on a more normal planet that has grass. LOL.

And the bunnies! They’re such a “me” stamp. Let me lay down on the ground and just look up at a sky like this, please!

Turned into cards!

I’ve trimmed them down for 5×7 cards and added sentiments….

Special 2 day sale!

I’m excited to get a special coupon code to you – it’s good July 7 & 8, 2022 only! Buy Two Get One Free using coupon code B2G1SA at checkout at Colorado Craft Company! ALSO: they’re trying to clear the shelves to make room for NEW Christmas stamps, so the current ones are already marked down 15% – and that means if you buy 3 similarly-priced stamps they average 33% off, and 3 similarly priced Christmas sets average 48% off together….the one time we LOVE math, right???

One more CCC idea that I shared on Juneteenth is this little mindblowing idea I had….I wasn’t sure it would work this way with the Sketchmarker Aqua and Fountain Pen, but….yeah. COOL. If you don’t have the stamp set and want it, here’s your sign! Go see the quick tutorial here.

More Galactic CCC tomorrow…

I’ll be back tomorrow with the art mice and guinea pigs in the Paint the Town stamp set, so subscribe to my blog or bookmark it to be sure you don’t miss out!


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