Long story short: I had an incident with a tortilla bag that left a big greasy stain on my new Bible! I bought it just for a meetup I’ll be hosting this summer at my church, and was devastated by this accident. But have no fear…art is here to save the day!

Tutorial: Galaxy painting with baby wipes

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The process

As I carefully applied the blue paint onto the section masked with Frisket Film, I observed with anticipation as the color deepened upon contact with the supple suede material. The rich hue seeped into the fibers, creating a beautifully desaturated effect that exceeded my expectations. Combined with a baby wipe to create the texture most suitable for this book cover art, I decided I’d paint the rest with the same “tool,” inelegant as it may seem.

I gradually added additional layers to create a sense of depth, allowing each one to dry before applying the next. The soft and textured effect achieved with a baby wipe was simply perfect for the desired outcome.

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Eventually, I progressed to using white to explode some light and then incorporated additional hues, creating splatters with a toothbrush for added dimension. The final step involved contemplating a suitable title on the piece.

The word “Bible” seemed just a little too obvi, if you know what I mean! I did a short study on heaven, stars, creation….and settled on the simple word GOOD. If anyone asks me about it I could tell them so much about that word:

When God had completed the steps of creation, He said it was GOOD.

He’s been nothing but GOOD to me.

This book is called the GOOD book. Which is also a misnomer since it’s a great one, but ya know. Tradition, I guess?

So much more about goodness 🙂


A little bonus!

This past weekend I was asked if I’d do the annoucement video at church, since I’ll be teaching this coming Saturday. And they wanted a bit of my story about how I got into Bible journaling. This video is forwarded just to my bit:



More galaxies?

Join me for a course all about watercoloring galaxies! You’ll have fun watching the paint move around, we’ll explore when to push it where you want it to go and when to let  it go, and creating depth, planets, and design of your own imaginative galaxies. Great for cards, illustrations, and bookmarks!


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  1. Sarah B

    loved this and the accompanying music. A delightful evolution to watch.


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