Are you like me? Love all those fancy funky fold cards with things that have multiple folds, flip and slide? I play with them til they fall apart when I get one because they’re so. much. fun!

However, when I make cards, I’ve focused on coloring for years now – and had gotten rid of a lot of the tools needed for all the fancy shmancy stuff. But I decided to finally get down to finding some funky folds that’ll work with my colored panels for cards.

Tutorial: Funky Fold Cards for artists like me

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Funky Fold Class

Over at Artventure , the class is mostly available (I say mostly because Apple is slow about getting approvals done; if you’re on an iOS device, you can go to the web and purchase the class and it’ll become available to you also on your phone or ipad.) But it’ll be fun for the folks who want to do something a little special with your colored cards – whether scenes or just an image.

As I had promised a while back, I used the 20 images colored in the 4 Favorite Things classes (all seen on the Holiday page) to create cards in this class that’s all about the engineering of the card bases. There are five templates, some have both horizontal and vertical templates….and since completing it realized I had another idea or two so there might be more added to it, too! 

To get to the class, just pop into Artventure and look in the list of classes on the left hand menu!

Swap is almost closed!

If you were thinking about signing up, get on it! Deadline for signup is October 31. Go to Artventure and look for this orange graphic in the Featured section.

Weekly Zoom calls

I’ll be continuing weekly Zoom calls through Thanksgiving – please do join us! They’re in Artventure (are you getting the idea that’s my social hub? lol!) and the kettles colored below were in the Thursday call. Unfortunately the replay didn’t capture the right screen, so only those who showed up got to see it. But I did post some tips on a post over at Artventure; the kettles drawing is in the Watercolor Favorite Things class but I colored them in pencil. Monday’s Zoom will also be colored pencil, so be sure to weigh in on the medium in the comments on the event page!

Heads up for cardmakers

My next video is also a card video – woohoo! Be sure you’re subscribed to either my blog or YT to get notified!


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  1. Jeanne Rice

    Is there a free preview to see what supplies are needed. I read something that the folding cards are for large cards. So it won’t work for A2 cards?

    • Sandy Allnock

      The supply list in this post is what I used – but you can use whatever glues, scissors, scoring board that you have. My templates are all for A2 size cards 🙂

  2. Gab

    These cards are fantastic!


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