If you’ve ever tried to replicate a tutorial – mine or anyone else’s – and been frustrated that it just doesn’t come out the same….you’re not alone. Yes it happens to me, too!

I’ve put together a little demo that will show you that you can use the same colors to create different skintones – just by altering how MUCH of them is used. Same colors! Watch and see.


Watch the video below or click here to see it on YouTube.

Any medium is subject to some basics:

  • Brands and individual hues. Sometimes even how OLD the supplies are; some change over time.
  • Techniques – pressure, layering
  • What you see in a video usually isn’t “all” there is. Hours of video often get cut down to 10 minutes, so there could be steps unseen.

Colored pencils can be affected by the pressure applied, not just in one layer but in successive layers.

Copics can be affected by layering too – sometimes the order can really change things a lot.

For patrons

If you’re a patron and missed it yesterday….the two larger drawings with the whole image are in a video over there. Happy Valentines Day!

The bottom line

Don’t get frustrated. It’s not always “you”!! Too many people leave a video tutorial thinking they’re a failure, they’ll never be an artist, they just aren’t talented. But it could be a lot of factors that don’t translate into video teaching in a ten minute demo!

It’s why I believe in classes. Where I can teach and re-teach. Show several examples of the same thing in successive lessons. It helps to see things a few times, and let them sink in.

Artventure App

My new app is out there – and hopefully the walk-through at the end of today’s video will help explain a little more of how to use it! It’s a platform that only allows me to customize some parts, and some things are getting fixed right now – I’m learning how to update it through the app stores, but it takes a bit of learning! You can download it for iOs or Android – enjoy!


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