In my previous post and video, I shared a gouache painting on stretched canvas that I displayed in a Little Free Library; this time I’ll be creating a bunch in other mediums, and one will be selected for a Free Little Art Gallery! This one (below) is a “triple decker” with a private art gallery at the top (the public can only look), an art gallery in the middle (taken over by books), and a library on the ground floor. The drawer unit at the base is also full of books! Lots of donations.

If you can locate a Free Little Art Gallery near you, be sure to visit it! These generally just have art in them, no books, though there are libraries that also have art, so you’ll have to check what’s near you. Finding them is a little more work; check the site to find your region then look within that to locate a gallery.

Tutorial: Free Little Art Gallery (tiny works in watercolor + alcohol markers)

Any medium can be used for Little Art Gallery pieces. Just be aware they might be in a hot box for a while, or carried home in a downpour, or have little sweaty hands shoving it in their pocket. 🙂 Plan accordingly!

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Stamped art is just great!

Whatever art you make – it’s just perfect for this! Give your little stamp a scene to go with it. Put it on a bookmark or a little heavy illustration board like I have (although this bleeds a little excessively as you can see!). Anything goes! This little bunny is by Purple Onion Designs. Bella Bunny 

Let a scene develop

Night scenes are pretty simple – lots of dark colors and a moon! Freckles the frog from Purple Onions is probably a little on the light side – but the darkened background makes him pop. Add line work on top, some reeds in the background, and stars!

Make it funny!

Give visitors to the art gallery a giggle! This little alien from Lawn Fawn is truly out in space – with a galaxy lighting up his world. You can add a sentiment, but — it’ll come across more as traditional “art” without it. Let the viewer imagine what that alien is saying!

Go classical

This little guy from Colorado Craft Company’s Paint the Town set has a deep rich background like portraits of the old masters – seemed appropriate for an artist critter!

Paint or doodle

Stamps aren’t necessary either – how about a quick loose watercolor or a fun doodle?

Deliver your art!

Since the public art gallery section was taken over by books, I opted to add mine to the lower level – where there are windows! I thought if a little kiddo came by and could only see through that, then they’d get a thrill from it. Although had there been art on the second floor, I’d have added mine on that level.


Since I added the art to the gallery, it was taken home by someone – within 2 days! I added one of my pencil dinosaurs, and check out what happened (there are 2 pics so be sure to go to IG to see both). I’m so glad the piggie has something new to look at!

More tips

My previous post has a lot of written out tips for making art for these fun free locations; be sure to check it out and a landscape painting in a video!


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    So so cool Sandy … I love seeing what’s happening with the tiny art!


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