Back in college I had a good friend whose medium was airbrush. The regular, old-school kind! He had all kinds of bottles of ink, masking materials, all sorts of supplies for airbrushing. I’ve often thought he would be green with jealousy about Copic airbrush now….or is he still out there making art and using Copic? I’ve googled him and have seen no sign of him, so I just don’t know. But…..

I decided to do some of what I saw him do when I would watch him work. Not all of it – he wouldn’t have taken a pen stroke to paper, he was the type to cut every single piece of color from his fancy masks. I didn’t think I had that patience, especially for a card!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

In some ways I think the difference in paper textures when using marker strokes makes the glass look more glassy. With that last touch of airbrush on top it brings it back to feeling like it was airbrushed, but without all that masking.

There are several sentiments in the set – but I made a slimline card specifically to leave a nice big space at the top for this one. (Secret: I stamped and embossed it directly on the airbrushing first, but my ink splooged and it looked terrible. The good thing? This black paper with the gold layer pops even more than that had!)


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