UPDATE: This was my earliest foray into Bible journaling; since this time I have not only continued and developed as a Bible journaler, but wrote a book! See more on the book site.

I had been looking for just the right Bible to begin art journalling in….I wanted an NRSV (long story as to why!), and wanted wide margins with lines for writing notes and drawing. (Because I can’t write straight to save my life!) I could only find a “used” one for less than a gajillion dollars since it’s no longer being made – fortunately the only thing that made it “used” was a broken spine. Which I’m repairing in today’s video!

I started watching a bunch of YouTube videos first, and had searched for book repair, to see if there were ideas on how to fix the broken spine shown in the video. I came upon an artist, Laura Carson, who made some absolutely amazing books! (This dragon book is phenomenal!) Though I swapped out a bunch of supplies, the basic technique is the same; I asked a lot of my mixed media friends about adhesive, and they all said be sure to replace the adhesive with PPA. And I agree – it’s pretty phenomenal stuff! 

Isn’t this texture just delicious!?! It would be perfect for whatever book you want to cover – an art journal, a sketch book…..I might be making a bunch of these for Christmas gifts!

Faux Leather Book Cover texture

I cut a hole in my Bible cover to insert my life verse, printed from my computer and distressed with inks. In the video I showed my Olfa blade – I once purchased a big pack of these for OWH, and love them; I had originally found one in a craft store and ordered a big case of them, but now the only place I found them is HERE. In reality any heavy duty knife will cut a book cover.

Faux Leather Book Cover texture insert

A few words about the pages inside the book….I’ve had people frantically asking me what kind of Bible to get, what kind has paper you can paint on, what doesn’t go through the back. If you are terribly upset about anything going through to the back of the page, or stress out over wrinkling paper, Bible journalling is not for you. Books are made of paper. Paper and water generally do not get along perfectly. Paper wrinkles. It bleeds. You will never find a book paper that does not do so at all. This is art, and is messy – and if you get upset easily by potentially ruining a page in a Bible, do not get started on journalling this way, or you’ll be very unhappy at some point along the way.

I did discover that, for this particular Bible, which is printed on very standard paper – pages DO wrinkle though can be ironed; and Ph Martin paints do not bleed through.

I have absolutely NO idea what will happen in your Bible, or what kind of Bible you should go get. Please please please don’t ask me that. Just get a Bible you feel comfortable making art in. And test it out. Try the index pages first, to see what mediums you like. Go to YouTube and do searches. I don’t plan to be making a ton of videos on Bible journalling – my blog and YT channel are about cardmaking, and Bible journalling is a VERY personal thing, so I will not be


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