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About the artist

Are you a trained artist?

Yes, I attended Frostburg State University in Maryland, and graduated in 1986 with an art degree and concentration in Graphic Design. See more on this page.

Do you have a day job?

I don’t work for any companies. I have what’s called “multiple streams of income” – my blog and videos, teaching on my own site, the amazing support of patrons (join them here for $1 or more a month), and miscellaneous freelance work.

About learning

Do you teach online?

I do! Sometimes on other sites but primarily on my own teaching site, Art-Classes, where I have almost 100 classes in a variety of mediums waiting for you! 

Will you be coming to my town to teach?

Unfortunately, that might be a thing of the past! The pandemic kept me home, and made me realize the stress that travel used to put on me. I loved getting out to meet people but it became yet one more thing to spend weeks recovering from and then start prepping the next trip. I’m getting older and that’s just getting harder as time goes by!

I may still travel to art stores to teach drawing or painting, but not all the smaller trips I once did to do crafting. But I’m still around here on the internet. Which in lots of ways is better, right?

How often do you post on YouTube?


About twice a week! Mondays sport a deep dive into a technique, concept, product, or medium; this is a very accessible teaching to most levels of artist.

Then on Fridays, I post a “stretch’ project that has more advanced technique in it, or often a vlog with encouraging thoughts to help you on your journey no matter your level. Watch those to get ideas on where the journey can take you!






About supporting my art

Do you sell your cards or artworks?

I have a website with a shop full of fine art here.

Typically I do not sell cards, unless it’s for a fundraiser. My cards are sent as thank yous to patrons. (Become one of them here for $1+ a month.)

Do you have a "tip jar"?

 On YouTube, there’s a button under the videos – a heart with the word “Thanks” that can be used to drop a little in the kitty! You can also become a patron for $1 or more a month.

What's the best way to support your work?

Taking classes is awesome, because not only do I receive support for the content I create — but you get to learn! I love a good win-win! Patrons also get rewards regularly too, from weekly insider info and bonus videos to happy mail from me, depending on the level of support.


What is an affiliate link?

“Affiliate” means I receive a small percentage when purchases are made using affiliate links on my blog. This is at no additional cost to you, but really helps defray the costs of supplies and equipment! I choose to only participate in programs at sites I shop, and promote products I believe in. You can see my list of trusted partners here.

About art supplies

What supplies do you recommend?

That’s a question that is too big for this little FAQ box, so scroll there’s an art snacks page coming shortly for more info about all my favorites! But suffice it to say, I love most any art supply!

Do you get your art supplies for free?

Just like everyone else. (Just ask my poor bank account!) I prefer to use products I purchase myself, so that you can trust that I liked it enough to buy it. On occasion I’m offered supplies, but I don’t rely on that.

Do you recommend things you don't use?

Mostly no. I don’t hang onto supplies not wanted because there’s just not much room! But sometimes yes – if lots of people in the community are using it and I have something to add to the discussion.  There are some supplies I’ve outgrown and use fancier items, but I’ll address lower price options for those at that level. But I never recommend something that I find to be terrible!

About this site

Can I receive your posts by email?

Indeed! Add my blog to your favorite feed reader, or click here to subscribe via Mailchimp, the service that sends out my posts about twice a week.

Do you sell my contact info?

Your email information is never shared with anyone for any reason. Frankly, aside from times when I post on this blog often, I rarely remember to use any of my email lists, so you won’t get spammed. At the bottom of any email there’s a link to unsubscribe if you find you’re no longer interested.

Do you have an address I could send a card to?

Yes, I’d love to see your work! Sandy Allnock, PO Box 23395 , Federal Way WA 98093

Ask Something Else

Supply questions will be answered VERY soon, new page coming!.
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