My Faithbook art journal pages might not be your typical art journal pages…but I. am. having. fun!

Ever since I started playing with Brusho a while back (see THIS POST if you need more product info), I knew there were amazing things to be done with it. Just seeing the Brusho Secrets website was enough to get me excited! I finally had to get this page underway, late one night when I couldn’t sleep; the hymn and the bear wouldn’t leave me alone til I completed it!

Fortunately I remembered to turn the camera on…because, you know, yeah. The number of times that I try something and didn’t expect it to turn out and it did? Hmm. Well, we all got lucky here!

Sandy Allnock - Brusho Grizzly Bear

And for anyone who’s upset that I added the lettering and journalling on top of my bear – remember that now I know how to paint a bear. I can go get a giant sheet of watercolor paper and paint a huge bear! Wouldn’t that be amazing!?


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