I’ve got another fine art piece to share that’s been inspired by – a stamp! Yep when I see someone come out with something it often gets me to think about painting the subject, and the big cat eyes on Sasha Kitten definitely did that for me.

Jean Haines

I used a technique from a Jean Haines class – her classes are insanely inspiring and her books are wonderful – Atmospheric Watercolors has been on my shelf for inspiration for a long time, and her new book Paint Yourself Positive is as fabulous as the whole series has been.

The painting was created with two colors – Imperial Purple and Aussie Red Gold – with a tiny touch of Sap Green for the eye and some Titanium White highlights and whiskers. That’s it, believe it or not!

Kitty Card

I made one card with Sasha Kitten – and on social media later I’ll watercolor another one too, so keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram!


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