Exploring Watercolor class is now open for registration!

I am so excited to share this class! (Pre-register here.) Many thanks to all who participated in the recent survey so supplies could be ordered in! Here’s a little Q&A about class:

  • What does the class cost?
  • What will supplies cost?
    • That depends on what you already have. The supply list is below, just be aware you may want to wait until the coupon code is available before making purchases.
  • Is it for novices, intermediate, or experts?
    • I planned the content for novice-to-intermediate; you do NOT need to know how to draw to take this class, but there are no stamps involved. We’ll be transferring photos to our paper to paint.
  • What will I get right away?
    • Pre-class lessons are available immediately with a number of videos to begin preparation for class.
    • Supply list is inside the pre-class lesson, as well as the coupon code good until Dec 10.
  • When is the first official lesson? Do I need to be there at a certain time?
    • First lesson goes live on Saturday November 5 (midnight Pacific time), and a new lesson each Saturday after that until the 6 lessons are complete on December 10. You can watch them anytime, no need to be there for live content. Just check in with the link and your password on Saturday mornings!
  • Can I download the videos to watch offline?
    • No, sorry.
  • May I substitute supplies – like other brands?
    • You certainly may try that! I just can’t vouch for the colors working the same way or brushes carrying the same amounts of pigment or water. If you choose a gouache or a paint that’s similar to a gouache (like the Gansai Tambi), you may have some challenges, as techniques rely on transparency.

Supplies for class

Below are the supplies for this class; note that once you register, you’ll receive a coupon code in pre-class to receive a discount on purchases. But this is for those who want to know what they’re in for. 🙂  Affiliate links used.

All of the supplies easily accessible on one page at Ellen Hutson are HERE….you can just scroll through the page and add what you need to your cart. You won’t need to purchase everything on the page at EH….there are some that are options:

  • KIT: You can purchase the special bundle that includes the paints, brushes, and a pad of paper. Note there’s an extra discount to bundle them up! (The kit does NOT include ALL supplies, just the main ones.)
  • PAINTS: I recommend the Daniel Smith set; you can choose to use another brand but I can’t promise they’ll work the same way. But feel free to try it – you can always upgrade supplies later!
  • BRUSHES: I highly recommend the round 8 and round 12 for sure; for the flat brush get either the Silver OR the Cosmotop Spin brush. You don’t need both.
  • REALLY HELPFUL: Hardbord (but if you have something you tape watercolor to, that is fine) and tape to hold it in place. Yellow, green, or blue, whatever works for you.
    • PALETTE: It’s included here for those that want one, along with half- and full-pans (see video above), but you can easily use a white ceramic plate or a tile from the hardware store.
    • WATER CUPS: Not necessary, but convenient. Use a couple cups so you can get progressively clean water as you paint.
    • GRAPHITE PAPER: for transferring images.
    • KNEADED ERASER: recommended for erasing or lightening unnecessary lines.