In the Watercolor Jumpstart class I teach, I have a lesson on drybrush….but I realized recently I don’t have many examples of how to use it in a painting or a card on my YouTube channel! But if you’re not an advanced student and this is too crazy to think about trying, you’ll learn from the painting of the bunnies – especially the last tiny step of painting them!

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I wasn’t expecting my last advanced watercolor card to have the response it did – what a delight! I always heard from so many who said they didn’t like watercoloring at all, so finding lots who are interested in doing more elaborate scenes is a good thing!

The one problem I’ll be having with doing more of these scenes is finding elements that watercolorists can draw; a “flat” scene like this has no depth, just form….which at least makes it doable for more people.

I’ve been into multiple layers of cardstock on cards lately – it makes them nice heavy cards which is great, and adding layers to the inside feels extra yummy!

If you’re wondering about the basics of watercolor to learn how to do techniques like this, Watercolor Jumpstart is a great beginning! There’s also a Watercolor Basics post that includes a lot of starter tips to get you rolling on painting.


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