Does anyone else like to play the “cloud game” like I do? I could get lost just looking at endless banks of clouds and finding shapes in them!

In the ‘big idea’ video coming on Friday I had started really exploring how to make clouds look awesome. So of course I’ve been doing a bunch of studies of single clouds – with front light, backlight, all kinds of shapes. The way they pile up on each other can be so interesting! Today’s video shows you how to do some heart-shaped clouds, and shares the results of some surprising things I learned about papers – something that Yupo does better than my favorite Stonehenge!?


Watch the video below or click HERE to view it on YouTube.

The one on Stonehenge showed me something I wasn’t expecting, especially by comparison to the Yupo: it’s a lot harder to get to a whiter white and keep a soft edge! I still loved the overall effect of the God-rays here, but….the Yupo awaited so I moved on.

While it was harder to get the blue background to be dark enough…once the eraser work started I was tickled pink! Or…white. LOL. It was so easy to lift color with a variety of levels of white – and to add a little more blue if needed to darken a few areas. Much more forgiving!

This almost made me wish I’d done Friday’s drawing on Yupo, but…..maybe I’ll have to see what I could do with a full drawing in powdered colored pencil? I’m thinking maybe using pastel tools to apply it….oh the ideas!!

Lots of fun was had here, and I’m planning more eraser projects on social media for a couple days…be sure to check in and follow along, OR just pop back to the blog Friday and I’lll link it all up. And if you’ve got time, play with your pencils and erasers, and see what you can come up with. Try different papers and see what happens!


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