I’ll be painting easy Mondo Succulents in watercolor with the easiest technique you’ve ever seen!

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View on YouTube.

On watercolor paper, heat emboss the image in white. I stamped it in a light grey dye ink just so I could see it but if your white powder is nice and dense, the stamped color doesn’t matter much. Juiciness of the pad will assure a good stamped image. I didn’t even use any de-static powder since this was going to be so loose.

Drop in a selection of watercolor paints! The paper should be good and wet in the areas you want to paint; be sure to leave white space. I didn’t put any dark colors in the rounded “pot” in the stamp – because I wanted to just focus on the patterns. I dropped in Serpentine Green, Sap Green, French Ultramarine Blue, and at the end a bit of Aussie Red Gold!

Another way to color it – is with the pot as the pot, a more literal interpretation, and stamped in black. A very different look for the same set!

If you like your succulents a bit smaller….here’s your set:


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