I was in an art store and had a 20% off sale burning a hole in my pocket….and since I’m always curious about interesting papers, I picked up a pad of Mineral Paper by Yasutomo. It said it’s good for lots of wet and dry media and, well….I’m putting it to the test! I’m also using a card by Anne as my inspiration today – I loved the 3 trees with a pattern in them, and wanted to use that idea.


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

12 cards

I made 12 cards from these two sheets of Mineral Paper – I could have gotten more if I’d been more efficient. Getting the alcohol closer to the edges, as well as trimming better. Next time I’ll likely get a lot more done, but wow was this fast for a big group of cards! I used the 110lb Neenah for all the cardstock since it’s CAS…I really like the heavier cardstock on simple cards.

12 tags

I wasn’t actually planning on making tags, but when I looked at the scrap pile after cutting out the card bases, I realized those leftover strips would be PERFECT for my tags this year! I didn’t use any dimension on them, just glued the snow section on (didn’t make it smaller either)….but now it’ll just be a matter of finding wrapping paper to match or just using white so the colored trees pop on them….that might be the best way to go!

More coming

I’ve scheduled a coooool video with watercolor on this paper, so stay tuned!


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