Circumferential coloring sounds fancy – but it’s what a lot of people do. I’ve used a very similar idea I call non-directional coloring – meaning there’s no light source shining on the object. But for glass, circumferential is a word I think fits a bit better.

For glass like this stained glass image, the darker hues around the edges make the glass look “debossed” – as if there’s some depth to it all around the edges. Bonus? It’s super easy!

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There are many stamps in your collection already that you could draw some extra lines in – and make something that looks like stained glass! Wouldn’t that be fun? For the second stamp in this set, I added more “breaks” in the circle around the candle to keep with the stained glass look.


Copic Blending Groups

Visit THIS page to see a chart of suggestions for blending. And if you’re interested in more Copic coloring, try the Copic Jumpstart Class!


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