In today’s video on Easy Copic blending, you’ll be treated to a little visit to my sister’s garden! I had the video shot and in my computer, so one morning when I got up extra-early, I sat in the garden hammock swing and recorded the voiceover. (So some of the sound is a little wonky!) I wanted to share the birds singing – you can hear them (as well as a few trucks!) in the background!

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Easy blending is possible – or maybe this should be called “easier” blending. Because choosing colors next to each other on the color wheel (analagous colors) really do work better together. The color wheel shown in the video was from a class eaten by the internet, sorry! But you can look at this to see what’s next door to each other on the wheel:

Image result for color wheel

I’m doing this with Copics, but the same principle applies no matter what coloring medium you use. And with the Wplus9 Doodle Buds or any other simple flower, any medium can make pretty blossoms look beautiful!

Did you enjoy the birds? I loved sitting in the garden in the early mornings before it got hot, and before the bugs decided I would make a great breakfast! ha! I’ve always been told they eat me alive because I’m so “sweet” – whatever the case, I seem to be quite the treat for them!

Sandy Allnock Easy Copic blending with Doodle Buds

I hope you’ll get out some flower stamps and try some bright summery blending!


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