Are you ready for fall and pumpkin spice yet!? I’m getting there. Just a little. I took a walk looking for leaves – not fall ones, just different sizes and shapes – and found THIS sucker – holy guacamole! Bigger than my head!


EASY Tutorial: Getting art inspiration from nature / Leaves in watercolor pencil

This is such an easy project, and I hope you’ll give it a shot! It uses powdered watercolor pencil, a technique I taught in Watercolor Pencil Jumpstart (which happens to be on sale this month like

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Watercolor pencil leaf

The tea strainer is such a handy little tool isn’t it! It grates that powder to be able to create such great textures.

Addictive practice

Once I got started making these, I have to say – they became quickly addictive! I wanted to try all the leaves in my ginormous pile….thus all the other versions that will happen all week! (Read on for info)

Happenings at Artventure

To encourage you to step out and try out my new community at Artventure…..I’ll be posting daily videos over there! You can view it all on the web without an app, OR go download Mighty Networks to add to your phone or tablet. And it’s all free for now! The leaf videos will be in a free “class” you’ll need to sign up for but that’s just to keep them all together.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed today’s little leaf project – and that it’ll get you stoked to do more as fall nears where you live. Make cards, bookmarks, journal pages, or frameable art….so many possibilities!


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  1. Pat Vilbaum

    Have watched your copic videos for years. I love watching you color and draw little scenes. I, too love lots of different mediums so I am thrilled to find this series of videos. The leaf techniques should be lots of fun.

  2. Mary W

    I’ve been collecting small leaves from a wild persimmon tree in my back yard as I tried, with little success, to find persimmons that were not smashed as they fell to the ground. I set the few I obtained, on my counter for unknown ideas to come and the fruit in the fridge where it will likely set until I give it to the birds. Well, now I know why I was collecting the leaves – they were unusual since they were spatter painted by the artist, Autumn, aka, Fall. Usually leaves are colorful but not spattered as these are. They look exactly like the pencil art you made before the water was added – unusual but beautiful. Now I’m going to try and replicate the color patterns – thanks for really great inspiration!

  3. Virgnia Callahan

    I have followed you on YouTube and been so very impressed with your work. You truly stimulate my creativity! I’m excited to learn both of us are in Washington ( I’m in North Bend, WA)

  4. Gab

    These are stunning Sandy

  5. Angela Reed

    Sandy you are an amazing artist! I LOVE this technique with the leaves. Thank you for your video, I can hardly wait to try this.
    I also just joined your Artventure! Thank you.


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