Happy Earth Day! I have a treat for you today: a video with a lovely garden tour, a look at my wash and ink sketching kit, a new class, and a waterfall sketch – all in a not-as-long-as-usual video so you can get out there and sketch too!

The new Level 2 PowellsWood Sketches class follows on th heels of the Level 4 Market Street Sketches class….this time it’s a looser drawing and painting style! You’ll see a preview of it in the video below – and there’s another over on the class page too. I hope this will help more people build confidence to go outside and sketch as the weather gets nicer – find a nice place in your town as I have in mine, and document it in your own little watercolor journal. It’s so relaxing! PLUS this one is a fundraiser for PowellsWood, so you’ll be helping preserve this little oasis on planet earth. Yay for that!

Tutorial: PowellsWood Garden Tour, Sketch Kit, and Waterfall Sketch

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

The waterfall sketch

In class, this sketch is done twice – once in the studio, then more of the footage is available and narrated for students. The class version is slightly different — I can’t paint anything twice the same, ha!

My Sketch Kit

I worked to get my sketch kit for wash & ink down to the bare minimum; if I have to haul a bunch of stuff I get a bit irritated by the time I arrive where I’m going to sketch! This stuff fits into my stool’s pocket (see supply list) and resides in the car so I’m ready to stop and sketch anytime; the only maintenance I need to do is let the travel brushes dry open and flat, and change out the water! 

Florals sale!

Do you need something for Mom? Or maybe your kids need to get something for YOU! I’ll be adding florals to the sale as I get a few more paintings finished, so check in again. 🙂

Happy Earth Day!

If it’s not raining on you, go out and do something for the planet today! We’re socked in with rain, so I can’t work in the garden, but will make up for it this coming week with double duty 🙂


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  1. Supplies for class:
  2. Fountain Pen,
    1. TWSBI Eco with Fine nib 
    2. Platinum Carbon Fountain Pen Ink (waterproof)
  3. Sketchbook suggestions:
    1. Square sketchbook 3.9″ x 3.9″ (comes in various colors)
    2. Tumuarta 3.5 x 5.5 
  4. Daniel Smith Watercolors:
    1. Essentials set of 6 contains
      1. COOL: Hansa Yellow LightQuinacridone Rose  – Phthalo Blue GS
      2. WARM: New Gamboge Pyrrol scarletFrench Ultramarine Blue
    2. Extra colors I added (NOT necessary) Payne’s Blue Gray –  Cobalt Teal BlueTransparent Red Oxide  – White Gouache
  5. Whiskey Painters tiny palette
  6. Brushes – the travel versions are more expensive but they ARE smaller ones so tuck in better.
    1. Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #4  BLICK AMZ
    2. Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #8: BLICK AMZ
    3. Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #8:TRAVEL BLICK AMZ
    4. Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #4: TRAVEL BLICK AMZ
  7. Koh-i-noor lead holder  (optional) with Lead Holder sharpener 
  8. Kneaded Eraser 
  9. Mini Mister Spray Bottle
  10. Sketchbook Easel Trues Hard Goods 
  11. Tripod Amazon Basics
  12. Travel Stool has a big pocket that my zipper pack and water bottle fit in; the sketch easel travels in the folded “seat.” I can even fit a gouache palette and brush set in addition to watercolor!

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