This year’s Mother’s Day celebration is so much more meaningful to me. In the past, even though Mom was up there in years, I had thought she’d be around forever. She’d been through so much, she’d fight off anything, right? But the last month or two has shown me not to take her for granted one BIT. And this year I wanted to make her the most special card I’ve ever sent her!

In the video I’ll show you parts of the drawing process, and of course talk through it as I am wont to do. 🙂 Then the color begins – I did fancier coloring than needed for this image, because on the card, I did NO blending and it still looks phenomenal!

Tutorial: Drawing Vintage Roses for Mom 

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

Shading part 1

I began by creating linear shading in just one direction in each section. I wanted to see the overall effect it would have – is there enough contrast? Not really.

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Shading part 2

Then I added cross hatching in other directions to create depth with different values. Much better, imho!

Adding color

While I did fancy shmancy blending, that’s not really needed here. The card has just ONE color for the red and one for the green. Then gouache for the babys breath. It couldn’t be easier! You could even do an ink blended background – just make it a light enough color that the red and green can cover it up.

Vintage Roses printable

You can get this image for FREE if you purchase $50 at! I’ll be doing it manually since my plugin seems to be acting erratically. But within hours of your purchase I’ll get the image added to your downloads folder, so check back in. 🙂 


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  1. Olo sketchbook 
  2. Olo markers 
  3. Olo marker hex chart 
  4. Titanium White gouache
  5. Vintage Roses printable
  6. Multiliner SP 
  7. Airbrush:
    1. ABS3
    2. Air Compressor – (only need comp and cord, not this kit)
    3. Cord, if it doesn’t come with the compressor 


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