True confession time. I’m a #jurassicparknerd. I won’t say much more than that….you know where I’ll be today. 



  • It’s drawn on Neenah Cardstock – yes, it comes in 11×17 sheets! I bought a ream at Kelly Paper a while back, but it’s not on their site.
  • My T-Rex sketch was created based on a ton of Googling for other artists’ interpretations of what a T-Rex might have looked like. Some are green, some are brown. I am NOT a dino nerd, and haven’t got a clue about dino anatomy or plants from the Jurassic period – so please don’t go telling me this sketch isn’t right. LOL.
  • I had no idea what the scene was going to be, beyond the mama and baby dino. You could watch the sketching in light colors as I worked out what the lighting was going to be – I didn’t even know what time of day it would be.
  • Drawing was sketched in a plain old #2 pencil, then erased to get some of the pencil off the paper so the Copic Markers wouldn’t drag the color. They still did pick up some with that really light yellow-green.
  • This took almost 11 hours in real time. Stopped to refill markers a couple times, especially while doing that background.
  • How many times have I watched all the Jurassic Park movies? I’ll never tell.

See you at the movies! If you haven’t seen their website, by the way, it’s pretty dang amazing.


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