Happy Black Friday – the day us little businesses hope to become “in the black”! Thank you on behalf of all of us for supporting the work we do – there are more entrepreneurs trying to make it today than ever before! I have a little speed coloring for you today – along with some sales!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YT.

Sales on my classes!

  • All classes are on sale from now through Cyber Tuesday – just slightly less of a sale each day, so Black Friday is the best deal. Check them all out here.

Two new classes!

Studio Sale Part Deux!

THANK YOU to all those who invested in my work in the past week, wow! I am blown away. I’m so grateful!

A bunch of the rest of the pieces are going into the “Grab Bag” categories – a few paintings will return to the store when I rebuild it next month, but for now – go see if there’s a price point that tickles your fancy and you’ll get an art surprise in the mail!


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