Why hello there and happy weekend! I’ve got a bit of a drawing tutorial for you today, I hope you’re going to try it! I’ve found that my 3-layer-tutorials have become popular, since you can choose whether to start with the simplest, try one that’s going to push you a little, or go for it with a crazier one! In the tutorial I’ll show you how to sketch out the perspective first, then color it with water based markers.

At the end of this post there’s info about the giveaway – please only enter if you’d actually use the markers…they’re gently used and I’d love them to go to a home that’ll put them to paper! 🙂

This whole lantern idea was borne of a drawing idea I had – I’ve been wanting to play with my new graphite pencils, and give them a real test to stand up to! They didn’t pass it, necessarily; they’re “matte” pencils which means the glare will be kept to a minimum – but I didn’t like that I couldn’t get a really great dark from them very fast, so switched to charcoal. Which….reflects. So I had to find a spot in the studio with no light glaring on it, thus the strange place I shot the photo!

But after nestling my marshmallow-toasting mice inside, I realized this is a project few would replicate, and as I had some big challenges, it wasn’t good for teaching. So instead, you get one of my easy/medium/challenging perspective lessons! Which might be far more helpful to everyone. LOL!

Tutorial: Drawing Lanterns in 3 different perspectives

Watch the video below and scroll to the end to leave comments or questions — or click HERE to watch it on YouTube and leave comments over there. I read both dutifully!

1. Easy / 1 point perspective

Looking directly at a lantern, not from higher or lower, and at a particular distance, you might not see the posts (poles?) of the lantern that are in the back. But if you raise the perspective slightly, and give it a little distance, the vanishing point can be in the center above the lantern – and that way you can see INTO the bottom of the lantern. It would affect the top (cap? lid?) of the lantern, but not enough to stress out if you’ve got a rounded top like this one!

2. Tougher / two point perspective

Two point perspective has two vanishing points, one on the left, one on the right. If you’re making something up as I am in today’s post, you can put those points anywhere – just put them ON the horizon. Here I chose the top left and top right corner of the boxes I drew. But sometimes (see next lantern) it’s totally off the page. Sometimes in the next room!

Each corner, though, has an edge that’ll join with the vanishing point, and those lines determine the interior bottom of the lantern. If the top has a fancy shape there are all kinds of rules that’ll apply – but use the rounded one I showed. Then you only need to worry about getting the “roofline” to join up with a VP.

3. Hardest / from below

The horizon line moves BELOW an object when it’s above your head. And in this case, the right hand side VP is off the page! And yes, I did tweak the bottom section after the video, I didn’t feel like posting the mushy one, LOL!

Card for patrons

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And now, that giveaway!

The folks at Sketchmarker sent me a full(ish) set of their Aqua water-based markers, the Animal set, so now I can let someone else get some use from this set! I’m short three colors, but none are in the Animals set. 🙂 

How do you qualify?

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  3. Leave a comment telling me you’ve done the above, AND what YOU would like to learn to draw in 2023!

The winner will ONLY be announced here on the blog on Christmas Eve. So you might want to subscribe to my blog via email, which you can do below….just sayin’. 



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  2. Sketchmarker Aqua
  3. Silver Brush Black Velvet Round #8:  BLICK  AMZ
  4. Pencil drawing:

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    1. Janj

      Love your art classes! I’ve done it all, thanks for the giveaway!

    2. Naomi Hanson

      Thank you so much for all of this! I have subscribed to emails, like the YT, and joined the group. I am so excited I found you on YouTube yesterday and love all the tutorials you provide. Thank You!

    3. Tabitha

      I’ve done everything. Thank you for the chance to use such fun art supplies. Love your way of teaching perspective, it’s a lot easier to understand

    4. J. Dibble

      I followed your steps as outlined above, AND I am looking forward to improving my watercolor and lettering skills in 2023 and would like to learn how to draw cats. 🙂 MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS, Sandy!!!!

    5. Tanya Andoniadis

      I would love to learn how to draw birds and flowers.

    6. Wendy Bryant

      I enjoy watching you do your art! I did the things to enter the contest. I want to spend 2023 learning more art and making more special cards for my friends and family!

    7. Dona

      I learn so much by watching your videos. How kind you are to share your talent. Thank you, you’re a gift to so many!

    8. Claudia Martinez

      Done and done. Thanks for another great video. Love the Artventure. I would like learn how to draw nature: trees, leaves, pinecones, etc. Thanks for all you teach us throughout the year.

    9. Sharon Smith

      Done! Thank you for an informative instruction on perspective. I enjoy watching you no matter what medium you are using.

    10. Holly Jackson

      Done!. I’d love to just learn more of your techniques. Esp. To make more time for it!

    11. Rebecca Ednie

      Done. I’d love to learn how to draw curly fur. My pup is part poodle with gorgeous curly fur.

    12. Sharon J Chambers


      I would love the chance to win. This coming year I am going to get myself organised and make a start at doing all the classes I’ve already purchased. I have so many of your classes Sandy and I have great intentions to start but life keeps getting in the way. But 2023 I’m going to start making time for me and learn some new skills.

      Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year xxx

    13. shelly bennett

      Good luck to everyone that is entering into the Giveaway. I liked the YT video and I am already signed up for Artventure. I would love to learn how to add 3D element to my art with light and shadows.

    14. Janine

      Great video! Thank you for your kindness and generosity in teaching and in giving.
      I joined Artventure (I love it) and I “liked” the video on YT.
      I’m not exactly sure what I want to learn to draw but I hope to learn tips, tricks and practice, practice, practice!!!

    15. Donna Trott


    16. Terry Blanchard

      Thanks for the perspective review!!
      I especially love the little mice.
      I’m finding blending pretty tricky! Am very interested in trying markers. You make it look so great…like you could do that in your sleep and be

    17. Ann Mann

      Video liked. Already an Artventure member. And what would I do with the markers. Well, I would try to be brave like you! Try new things. Trust what God has placed within me. And use them in some of the classes I have bought on your site. Thank you! And Merry Christmas.

    18. Lee McKelvey

      Both steps done! Thank you for the opportunity! Always love seeing your lovely art! Very inspiring!

    19. Sue Ellen Sherer

      And I can’t wait to hear what else these little mice are up to besides toasting marshmallows!

    20. Cindy Stone

      I have followed all the requirements for the giveaway. I have been an artist since the first time I held a crayon. 57 years of creativity. I want you to know I watch your videos regularly. They are very inspiring. I look forward to them. Last year my New Years Resolution was to draw and paint everyday. I have not missed a day and this has been my best year of creating. I even drew when I had Covid. I just wanted you to know that you inspire others to follow the creative path. And for that, I thank you.

    21. Andreja Majhen

      This kind of videos are perfect for me! Thank you for a chance to enter your giveaway, Merry Christmas To all crafty souls

    22. Barb Skinner

      Above items completed. I am interested in drawing animals as well. Thank you for a chance to enter your giveaway, Merry Christmas Sandy!

    23. Susan Wymer

      I really want to learn more about perspective. So to move towards that I will finish Drawing Jumpstart. Your lanterns are gorgeous!

    24. Diane Hanson

      I find perspective difficult to accomplish but your tutorials make it easier to comprehend. Thanks for publishing the easy to more difficult versions of your drawings so that as learners we can work our way up and build on the concepts.

    25. Sheri Witthoft

      I’ve done the above to enter. Good luck to everyone who enters
      Merry Christmas Sandy.

      • Sheri Witthoft

        Oh and I will continue on my perspective learning journey

        • faith Robeson

          I would love to try and use these markers. I truly enjoy your videos

      • Ann Marie Sharratt

        Completed steps 1. and 2. And, this comment is step 3. I would like to try new techniques in 2023; watercolor and colored pencil are two that I have wanted to try for several years now. I have the colored pencils and Gamsol to try that medium, but still need supplies for watercolors, so this giveaway is timely! Fingers crossed:).

    26. Heather O.

      Done and done. Thank you for your kindness and lovely tutorials. I would like to learn to draw animals in an illustrative style.

      • Nicoletta

        Done everything! Thank you for this chance and for your amazing video!!


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