Who doesn’t go to weird places in their imagination, and meet all kinds of imaginary creatures? (Please don’t say I’m alone!) I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few weeks just doodling – partly waiting for mojo to come back for other projects! And what started happening was drawing imaginary critters with body parts from all kinds of animals, some that were totally from the monster world too!

I consulted my patrons at one point; it’s SO nice to have a sounding board! I asked them about what they’d have wanted to learn when just coming out of the Colored Pencil Jumpstart class. Lots of ideas were tossed around, and a number ended up in the class!


For today’s video, I’ve chopped down a livestream from this weekend with my patrons. Each month I do a livestream with them, with all kinds of random creative things. If you join as a patron you can go back and view past videos, and patronage can start with just $1 a month, and goes up from there depending on what rewards you’d like to get (coupon codes, cards in the mail, etc.) They saw this drawing done in realtime with all my lame banter going on – ha!

Watch the video below or click HERE to watch on YouTube.

The Imaginary Creatures class is going to be so much fun – the line drawings are provided (you’ll only need to add a neck or detail to a few, so the drawing is minimal). Also – if you’re a Copic artist and want to just use a different medium, rock on!


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