You might know from my Instagram feed that I’m a little obsessed with fall scenes right now – partly inspired by the Autumn Scenes class. I wasn’t planning on doing any more classes til Christmas cards start in September (tomorrow!), but my patrons encouraged me to help with a fall cards class – and now I can’t stop! Today’s video shows all halloween-scenes in Colored Pencil with Gamsol….and at the end, see this same design but with scenes from the class in Copic marker!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

Mini Copic Class: Autumn Scenes

For those taking the Autumn Scenes class – try something fun like this with the lesson techniques! They’re tinier so you need to adjust the size of strokes etc, but….give it a try!

Belated Happy Frankenstein Day!

I didn’t find out til the afternoon, or I’d have swapped around a few posts – but it was Mary Shelly’s birthday. So I did a drawing of Frankenstein’s monster! (I am reminded that he is the monster – the DOCTOR is Frankenstein!)

Stay tuned tomorrow for a back to school sale on Copic classes!


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