This week’s fine art treat is brought to you by the Pretty Birds stamp set (no longer available) from Picket Fence! I have a thing for parrots, so even though the stamps are (I think?) cockatoos, I went the parrot direction anyway! I wrote a children’s story that I have yet to illustrate about the rainforest – and a parrot would be one of the characters.

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

These aren’t the artist-quality brand of Faber Castell oil pastels – but they’re some of the ones used in the kids Self Portrait Class I launched recently! I figured I’d see what else I could do with them. This set comes with a little do-hickey that creates lines and patterns, but I just used my stylus for this.

Ain’t he a pretty birdie?

I made a card from the stamp set – creating a green background with light highlights created with a colorless blender.


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