Who needs to mask stamps when we can draw flowers? And don’t go tellling me you “can’t” draw them. You color them all the time, you know the shapes! Just pick up a pencil and try it – I promise it won’t hurt. And you might just like it!

I’m going to be doing more drawing starting this fall – and OHHHH does that make me happy! I met a woman who runs a life drawing group (human models) a few towns over on Monday afternoons, and I’m going to be going. So excited! I bought a bunch of supplies to start working bigger – tiny sketchbooks don’t cut it for me with life drawing, but we’ll see if it’s as much fun as I remember it from college! This drawing is a warmup at working a bit bigger….plus I decided to answer a little of the gasping that came from my last video about that pencil sharpener!


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

In the test I ran, the sharpener did NOT waste away the lead – just the wood. The length stayed the same; the same test on my Quietsharp as well as handheld sharpeners showed they use up tons more lead. Weird!!!

The full drawing….

A closeups, so you can see the paper texture.


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