It’s the day *I* get to start something NEW! A few weeks ago I learned about a group a few towns away from me who do life drawing at an art gallery, and after a hiatus they’re starting up again…today! I haven’t done life drawing (models) since college, and I feel like a kid who’s excited to get back to school. Maybe weird at my age but – bring it on!

Photo reference is here.

As I’ve been looking forward to it, I also binge-watched a bunch of Jono Dry videos…if you didn’t think graphite was a fine art medium on its own, he’ll convince you otherwais. I love the drama of his work – he reminds me of a modern-day Caravaggio with the way he handles shadows.


Watch the video below or click HERE to view it on YouTube.

This is definitely one of my favorite pieces of late…though it is impossible to get a photo to do it justice! I took it to every corner of the house and porch, tried angling the camera to get a decent shot – and graphite is just so reflective that areas that are even just don’t seem to photograph evenly. Frustrating! But t think I might frame this puppy.

Last Christmas Eve I also did a similar card – maybe there’s something so simple about nativity scenes that I just can’t help but create pencil drawings with them?


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