Today I’m going to show you how to draw a whimsical jungle in your colored pencils – with some supercute little critters!

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Welcome to my stop on the Ellen Hutson – Avery Elle bloghop! Be sure to scroll down to the end and find out how you might be able to win a lil somethin’ somethin’! I’m using the Peek-A-Boo Jungle today, and adding my own crazy spin to it, as per usual….inspired by Veggietales!


Keep your pencils sharp! I like my Quietsharp electric for the first pass, and if I need it supersharp for details, I take one or two turns in a handheld sharpener.

To do “no line coloring” (we need a better name for it!), use a light ink – for pencil, you can use dye or pigment inks (for Copic use dye inks).

Choose a limited color selection to unify your artwork; use some of the same shades repeatedly but in different amounts.

To make the crazy trees, draw a circle shape with a flat “bottom” and blend it. Then draw in the tree trunk and branches. In a darker green, add an oval, and do negative coloring around the branches.


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