Have you thought about stamping and doodling to make Christmas gifts out of office supplies? I have had one of these “cubes” for years and years, bought at a now-closed stamp store with the intent to stamp on it. Never did, but….this was the year to tackle it. And I bought a bunch of others to alter as well, and tried a bunch of techniques to do it.

Thanks much to Derwent for accidentally sending me some paint pens! They’re pretty cool (and there’s a pen with MY yellow!)….they work on both black and white, mostly, as you can see in the swatches.Just the paler of the yellows is hard to see on white. I need to get out a black sketchbook soon….


Watch the video below or click HERE to see it on YouTube.

This one is made for ME! I loved the graph paper, it’s already been fun and helpful for doodling stuff – and the cube was partly inspiration for a new class coming on Friday. (You’re gonna love it.)

This cube has a hole in it for a pen; you might find this in your local office supply store if you need the place for the pen. These aren’t sticky notes, they’re tear-off pages.

I found this one on Amazon after picking one up in a local shop here – white plastic case to color up with easy alcohol ink pouncing, then stamping the pages with my AI watercolor flower stamps. I bought this one a while back at the dollar store – couldn’t find a link for it, sorry! Alcohol ink colors Sunshine Yellow, Fiesta.

This one I bought on Amazon – multicolored loose papers, stamped in light ink with Colorado Craft Company critters….and the clear plastic case was colored with alcohol inks too. (Didn’t need to do the inside like I did with the previous.) Both were treated with talcum powder sprinkled on and then buffed with a tissue. (Video HERE on that.) Alcohol Ink Colors: Glacier, Villainous Pearl.

Next up some simple stamping! You don’t have to press really hard to get it to stamp, so just hold it closed with one hand….or make a paper “band” to hold it together. Kinda wished I’d kept doing that, but…live n learn! This pad has tear-off pages, everything’s adhered down one side.

For the earth-friendly person in your life – Earth Notes! It comes in a cardstock box with a bellyband around it, and loose sheets inside. I stamped trees in two greens, and also did the same on the box.


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