And now, in my best Monty Python, “it’s time for something completely different.” Sewing! On fabric!

Watch the video below or click HERE to view on YouTube.

Here’s the little doodled design on scratch paper that II made – I didn’t follow it but it was sure helpful to know if this was going to work before starting the transfer to the fabric and sewing!

The package of hoops had a couple in it – and the fabric was large enough too – so stay tuned to see if I do more. It’ll probably be on social media for a while to see if I like it before bothering with any more sewing – my channel is about coloring, but I thought maybe some of you could be inspired by a project like this!

I did make a card version of the first design with only two circles….but my camera ate the film so we just have a picture left….note that I used all SIX strands of the skein for this, whereas I used three on the fabric. So this is thicker/more dense:

Guest video today

I’m also over at Ellen Hutson’s channel with a card – this one’s easier to follow, no pattern required. Just use the stitching die!

Here’s the video – check it out!

If you read this far…

You might want more on using these dies, so… on the pic to go to a previous post with these:

Supplies for both videos shown

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