I had SO. MUCH. FUN with this release, as you can, uh, see! Yeeesh! Here’s a ton of cards I made from them – you’ll only see the above bear bakery card being made in the video, but in case you need more ideas, well, they’re pictured below. LOL. A whole BUNCH of these are samples in the Holiday Interiors mini class if you want to learn to make them, and other classes are listed later in this post so you know which wintry miniclass to go look for.

Watch the video below or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

So much bakery cuteness!

Here the bear is using the same wagon – with last month’s chicken. Who is panicked at the idea of where they’re headed!

Bear Ware 4, North Pole style! The boxes are from the Christmas Characters set. You can learn to make soft trees similar to this in Winter Wonderland mini class.

Bear Ware 4 in fall….with Pumpkin to Talk About that I turned into a sign! See the video with a tulip garden similar to the pumpkin field HERE.

Mondo Amaryllis is probably going to be the one shown most in this hop so I’m just showing my cards….a red one…

A white one, which looks white because of the color around the flowers….

And then a multicolor one I found on the internet – more pink and red toward the top but the bottom leaves were edged in white. The window here will likely be in a new class this fall with indoor scenes for the holidays.

Next are Christmas Characters – Not sure stockings are characters, but there ya go! The fireplace might be in that indoor class, too….

Santa and two of the reindeer are peeking to see if you’ve been naughty! It’s never too early to watch out…

Elves are resting up for the holiday season ahead!

My one halloween card – with a couple see-through ghosties!

Last but not least….a coffee card featuring the new woodgrain background stamp! It’s stamped in Grout Grey by MFT, and I colored right overtop it all to create the dimension. The cups are from Latte Love, released earlier this year.


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