Sometimes I see a stamp set and my brain goes immediately to a place other than what they were “built” for – and while it’s sometimes a weird place, I think you might like today’s cards! Here’s what they’re supposed to look like – and there’s a set of dies so you can cut out each critter:

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But I went another way, using *just* the shadow solid stamps! And cotton balls. And qtips! Check it out:

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The panda is so sweet – stamp the ears and eye spots, apply white pigment ink with a cotton ball, then re-stamp the eye spots. If you do the re-stamping while the white ink is wet you get a “grey” color so drawing the eyes on works well. OOOH I just thought of something else – tiny GOOGLIE EYES! 🙂

The kitties can be customized to match your kitty or your recipient’s! Make spots, or use the colors of the real cat’s fur.

And then there’s pups! Don’t forget to give them a collar with a qtip.

Bunnies were soo fun to play around with – ears up or ears down!

This little guy belongs in a cartoon!

Flip the ears down, and it becomes a flop-eared bunny!

I hope this gave you some bonus ideas to use along with the ‘regular’ intent of stamping with shadow stamps and the die set!


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