I bought a set of stamps recently, not really knowing what I’d do with it…..but it led me down the best bunny trail. That alone is worth the lesson from today’s little project!

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The rabbit trail – or kitty trail – was looking up what “Lucky Cat” was all about. Was it a brand or a toy like Hello Kitty? Were there colors I should use, or a style to follow? Well I didn’t find anything in the first few minutes – except that Japanese art kept popping up as I went from link to link. That totally inspired me to create little tiny mini pieces of themed art! Check it out:

The first little kitty is a sweet orange tabby with two types of plants in the scene…..

And then there’s a little grey kitty with a blooming tree overhead and some leaves on the ground…

Always remember you can turn most stamps “backward” and make them a silhouette! If only one foot touches the ground, don’t let the ground touch the other foot so your viewer sees it as an active image in motion.

Aren’t these adorable! And so teensy and cute.

Wildflower classes

If you’re interested in learning more little ‘marks” that can turn into simple wildflowers, check out the classes HERE!


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