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  • An Alpaca Pulls a Yeti Uphill in the Snow.
  • Brusho meets Copic; Beautiful Things Ensue.
  • Frivolity in the Arctic.

Add your own in comments….I’m ready for some chuckles!

Oh there are so many things in this video. And that ALPACA! Oh man. As soon as I saw Winter Alpaca by Lawn Fawn, I knew it would HAVE to be part of my stamp collection….and that I’d be swapping out that sentiment for Copics, and more!

I think the part that might interest folks most will be how I go about creating scenes. This card, featuring Winter Alpaca (squeeee!) and Yeti Set Go (a previous release) is one that needed some tweaks as I went along, and I show you some snapshots I took as I worked. Often the piece comes together all at once, but this one was an uphill battle for a bit at the start. (#icrackmyselfup)

Additionally…there are tips for using one color of Brusho for that cool aurora borealis; Copic coloring tips; simplifying fussycutting by adding a sloped hillside; coloring delicate dies; getting a multicolor sentiment. Oh man. I think you got three videos worth of tips today, do I get a vacation? LOL!


Get busy watching the video below, or click HERE to see it in HD on YouTube.

For the secondary sentiment where I changed out the word “SCARF” for “COPICS,” I set up the stamps on my MISTI (you could do so on an acrylic block), then colored each letter with a Clean Color Marker. That made it easy to get a multicolor stamped word without having to ink up each letter on a pad.

Sandy Allnock - Create a Scene with Stamps


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